41: Proud to be a 40-Something


The last year flew by and here I am wrapping up  fabulous birthday week! (yes , we do the entire week here in our house) I’m proud to say I’m 41. This year is much different than last year , that is for sure. Last year, I’m sure at this point I was crying over [...]

The Best Advice I Ever Received

Best Advice I ever Recieved

So I’m participating in a Blog Hop with MidLife Blvd… and the question is what is the Best Advice I ever received ? Wow… that’s a good question. I’ve got a lot of wonderful advice over the years from lots of amazing individuals (and lots of unsolicited bad advice too! ) I think if you [...]

5 things I hate about winter

i hate winter

Truth is I’m a Southern Girl. I love my sweet tea, SEC football and my warm temps!   I was born and raised in New Orleans.. we don’t really have winter there. It gets cold at times. . Honestly, I didn’t experience my first true winter until the year after I met my husband. What [...]

My 2014 words – Adventure, Write and Love

2014 Goals - Adventure, Write, Love

Every year for the past few years , I’ve chosen a word or words to help guide me through that year. Sometimes the words are a perfect fit for what happens. Other times, the situations/circumstances that happen during the year that makes “my words” seem comical or even ironic at times. In 2013, I chose [...]

Looking Back at 2013

2014 is almost here - looking back at 2013

I’ve officially accepted that it is now 2014. I just want to know… where did 2013 go ? As each year passes, it seems that a “year” seems to be shorter and shorter. I know that it is the same amount of time each and every year but it seems things happen at a faster [...]

Being Creative Again

Creativity is my passion - Simply Tango

Have you ever felt that you were just burnout on something and couldn’t do it again no matter what? When I decided to take a job outside of the home earlier this year, I felt exactly like that. I was sick of social media, sick of blogging for dollars, etc. I pretty much stopped being [...]

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover


This was written by my 15 year old daughter , Kiersten (who is a special needs kid with a brain injury/vision issues). She is the one on the right in the picture. —————————- By Kiersten Munson Did you know that a 46 year old man with Down’s Syndrome recently completed the NYC Marathon and became [...]

A letter to my husband

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Having a great marriage is hard work. Between the every day life/work stuff plus dealing with all the recent teen/tween things, life just gets really busy and you forget to acknowledge the little things. I don’t know about you but I’m not perfect and neither is my husband. However, something happened recently that shook me [...]

8 things that describe me


As I was recently challenged by Mama Kat to write a post using 8 words and 8 pictures to describe me and it fits in perfectly with my regular series, 8 things .. so here goes! 8 things. 8 Pictures 1. Sacrifice- 6 year as an active duty Army Wife + 1 deployment 2. Strength [...]

Raising Tweens : I didn’t get the manual

didn't-get-the-manual copy

Raising Tweens  is hard – it certainly isn’t a walk in the park I thought it would be. In fact , I think it’s easier bringing home a newborn ! I can remember when I found out I was pregnant with my oldest child (now 15) ! I went out and bought almost every parenting [...]