Make up tips to make your eyes look bigger!


Even if you have small eyes, play around with makeup to make them appear wider. Numerous makeup tips that can help make your eyes pop out are available today. Below is a list of these makeup tips:

1. Apply white eye shadow
If you are still learning how to do this, you don’t necessary have to smear your eyelids with white shadow. Instead, use a shadow or a pencil to make some white dots against your eye’s inner corners. This ensures that the white dots look brighter thus opening up your eyes giving you a doe eyed look.

2. Use the right liner
For you to get the doe eye look, you have to apply the right liner. There are a variety of ways that you can ensure your eyes look wider by use of eyeliner. However, this depends on the eyeliner that you use and the way you apply it. You have to experiment first before get the one that suites you best. You can first try by lining at least half of your lower lash line. Try to experiment with different colors. Gel and kohl based liners are the best for this.

3. Use Ombre
Ombre effect is one of the best ways ensure your eyes appear. To achieve good results, try using colors from the same family. Start by applying a lighter color at the base of your eyelid. Let it get darker as you move towards your crease. This helps in adding dimension to your face thus opening up your eyes wider.

4. Work on your distribution
You need to work on the way you apply your eyeshadow. Ensure that you distribute it evenly and use the right colors to do this. However, there is even a better trick that will help you achieve the best results. Your lash line is the widest part of your eyes thus if you concentrate more on them your eyes will look wider.

5. Work on your lashes
You can use mascara to ensure your eyes look popped out. Before doing this, you have to curl your eyelashes first. Curling your eyelashes gives them some body thus making your eyes open wider. Your eyes open up since they are no longer obscured by the eyelashes. If you prefer using false eyelashes, ensure that you use single lash applications then add a little thickness. You should also ensure that you don’t tamper with your lower lashes.

6. Shaping your eyebrows
If you want to get a doe eye look, ensure that your eyebrows are well trimmed. You should then ensure that they are manicured neatly. Shape your eyebrows in a way that they complement your facial shape.

7. Go up to your crease
When trying to get a doe eye look, you should pay extra attention to placement. As you apply liner or eyeshadow, ensure that you do it all the way up to your crease extension.

8. Uses a Highlighter
You can use a highlighter to ensure your eyes appear wider. To achieve this, apply a highlighter that is light in color. You do this near your eye’s inner corners. The lighter your eyes look, the bigger they appear.