How not to look crazy while Growing Out Your Hair Color!

Dying hair is a practice that is done by many people. However, sometimes one gets tired of the dye and want their natural hair back. At this stage, one can make impulsive decisions can destroy their hair and lead to even worse results. The process of getting back ones natural hair depends on several things. These are the natural hair colour, the type of dye used and the period of time. It is an involving and long process that needs to be followed correctly to avoid a crazy look.

When one has died their hair to a lighter shade when the original shade was darker, the best option ia to make a bridge between the two shades. This is done by dying a shade that is in between the two shades at their boundaries. The hair therefore doesn’t have sudden colour breaks. This should be done until the darker shade has grown longer and finally the lighter dyed hair is trimmed out or breaks off.

A reverse situation may require more complicated decisions. When one has been dying their hair darker and the original colour is lighter, they should completely avoid dying all the hair back to its light shade. This will cause hair damage. The best solution for this is to dye the hair a lighter than the dark shade at the roots. The process should be repeated during growth. This will enable the natural hair to grow and at the same time the hair colour flows.

When hair is died with bright colours like blue, pink and other such colours, this process includes bleaching the previous hair colour first to make these colours bright. It is therefore a bad choice to dye the original hair colour over the current one. This is because a different result is likely to be obtained when the colours blend. One is advised to remove the colour first. A large amount of the colour can be removed using special products at the salon.. One can therefore easily cover the remaining using a shade close to the natural hair colour. The natural hair is then allowed to grow after this process.

The final way to ensure hair colour is grown out without a bad look is great hair care. This includes several things. First, one should try their best not to use heat on their hair. This includes blow drying and curling. This will make it look more natural and blend with the growing one. If this cannot be avoided, one should protect the hair from heat. The hair should also be combed at the scalp. This ensures faster growth of the natural hair. The hair conditioner and shampoo used should be gentle and compatible with the type of hair. This will promote great and healthy hair growth.

Outgrowing dyed hair is therefore an easy process. One should ensure that those attending to their hair follow the correct procedures. It is also a slow process therefore one should be patient. This will result in healthy natural hair once the colour grows out.