5 Affordable Hair Straighteners That Stack Up Big Time!

There are so many hair straighteners in the market. However, finding the right and best straightener that suits your budget and gives you the best result can be little overwhelming. Below is a list of reviews you can consider to choose the right hair straightener for your great hairs or if you prefer to read in detail then please refer this hair straightener reviews blog.

1. Remington S5500 Digital Straightener.

This gadget has 1 inch ceramic plates. These plates are anti-static thus helps in keeping your hair straight and sleek. It also has floating plates which have a rapid thirty seconds heat up. Safety is also taken care off since this straightener has an auto shut off. Unlike most hair straighteners, it uses digital temperature controls. Its swivel cord makes your work very easy since you can easily maneuver to different positions. It can heat up to 410 degrees thus ideal for all types of hair. It costs $14.85.

2. MHD straightener.
This hair straightener is equipped with titanium plates. These minimize frizz. They work on your hair such that the split ends are kept at bay. Hair shafts are sealed quickly thus keeping in essential moisture and color. This straightener has 3 adjustable settings. Its temperature ranges from 248 to 446 degrees Celsius. It can thus be used for different hair demands. It has an ergonomic, lightweight and slim design thus you can’t easily get tired when using it. Safety is key since it can has an automatic shut off property . It costs $23.69.


This gadget allows you to adjust your temperature from 240 to 400 degrees Celsius. Due to this wide range of temperature, it can be used on any type of hair and give the desired results. It is made of a combination of high quality tourmaline ion plates and ceramic. These material combination ensures that you get shinny and smooth hair. It is designed such that the plates are placed 1 inch apart. This means that you can use it on hair of any length. This straightener comes along with a free pouch and glove. It costs $39.99.

4. BaByliss Pro
If you are fed up with struggling with short plates, this is the right straightener for you. It is equipped with 4 inch long plates which are made of ceramic. It has a rheostat temperature controls. It can give you high temperatures up to 450 degrees Celsius. The negative ions from the porcelain helps in relaxing and smoothing your hair. It costs $39.95.

5. CHI Ceramic Hair straightener.
You can utilize this gadget for different functions. You can use it to straighten, give it flips, curls or waves. It utilizes infrared heating thus ensuring static and frizz are kept as low as possible. Due to this technology, its results last for a long time without having to redo your hair. It makes your hair look shiny and silky. It takes a short time to heat up thus get the desired results within a short duration. It comes in a wide range of colors thus you just have to choose your favorite. It costs $89.99.

You therefore need to know your budget before you go looking for a hair straightener. Also, know the type of results you are looking for and shopping will become easy especially after knowing about types of flat irons available in the market. Click here to know more about it.

How not to look crazy while Growing Out Your Hair Color!

Dying hair is a practice that is done by many people. However, sometimes one gets tired of the dye and want their natural hair back. At this stage, one can make impulsive decisions can destroy their hair and lead to even worse results. The process of getting back ones natural hair depends on several things. These are the natural hair colour, the type of dye used and the period of time. It is an involving and long process that needs to be followed correctly to avoid a crazy look.

When one has died their hair to a lighter shade when the original shade was darker, the best option ia to make a bridge between the two shades. This is done by dying a shade that is in between the two shades at their boundaries. The hair therefore doesn’t have sudden colour breaks. This should be done until the darker shade has grown longer and finally the lighter dyed hair is trimmed out or breaks off.

A reverse situation may require more complicated decisions. When one has been dying their hair darker and the original colour is lighter, they should completely avoid dying all the hair back to its light shade. This will cause hair damage. The best solution for this is to dye the hair a lighter than the dark shade at the roots. The process should be repeated during growth. This will enable the natural hair to grow and at the same time the hair colour flows.

When hair is died with bright colours like blue, pink and other such colours, this process includes bleaching the previous hair colour first to make these colours bright. It is therefore a bad choice to dye the original hair colour over the current one. This is because a different result is likely to be obtained when the colours blend. One is advised to remove the colour first. A large amount of the colour can be removed using special products at the salon.. One can therefore easily cover the remaining using a shade close to the natural hair colour. The natural hair is then allowed to grow after this process.

The final way to ensure hair colour is grown out without a bad look is great hair care. This includes several things. First, one should try their best not to use heat on their hair. This includes blow drying and curling. This will make it look more natural and blend with the growing one. If this cannot be avoided, one should protect the hair from heat. The hair should also be combed at the scalp. This ensures faster growth of the natural hair. The hair conditioner and shampoo used should be gentle and compatible with the type of hair. This will promote great and healthy hair growth.

Outgrowing dyed hair is therefore an easy process. One should ensure that those attending to their hair follow the correct procedures. It is also a slow process therefore one should be patient. This will result in healthy natural hair once the colour grows out.