So many changes …


This weekend was a particularly “revealing” one – no nothing like THAT! I just realized a couple of things about myself and how old I actually am. I think the ” I’m actually 39 years old” reality finally kicked in during the latter part of the week . Like I said on my birthday post […]

Do You Have A Business Logo or Slogan?

When it comes to marketing your business, something as simple as a memorable graphic or catchphrase can help you immensely.  A business logo or slogan can create brand recognition and help you establish your business reputation. When you think of Nike, what do you think of?  For most people, the image of the Nike swoosh […]

Normal Teenage Stuff or Brain Injury Havoc?


I’m not usually one to complain on my blog (or in general ) but I’m crying UNCLE! It’s been a rough couple of weeks around Casa de Tango which quite frankly I”m getting pretty sick and tired of. Recently Kid1 is giving us all kinds of trouble. She’s always been a pretty good kid despite […]