So what am I up to ??

I’ve been getting several emails about what I’m up to so I thought I’d better address it before you guys flood my inbox! Over on Twitter and Facebook , I’ve been hinting for the last several weeks about my super secret project with my friend, Becky and its almost time to announce it. I can’t […]

It’s not just about BBQ’s and beer…

Memorial Day is on Monday and I keep seeing things in the media about Memorial Day and thanking the troops. Many people seem to think that Memorial Day and Veterans day to be the same thing.   It is most certainly NOT the same thing. One holiday remembers our war dead and the other for […]

Find Your Motivation in Partnerships

Working with an assistant can provide many benefits for you and your business.  You will have more time to work on projects, yet the day-to-day activities of your business will still get done.  A good assistant can also provide great feedback and help you brainstorm new ways of managing your business activities. When you find […]