It’s a Scentabration!

  I’ve been wanting to have a Scentsy party for awhile now but it never seemed like the right time. I finally decided to bite the bullet and have an online party. So you all are invited to my Scentsy party ! This is the best kind of party — I can invite everyone and […]

Recipe Tuesday – Lasagna

For this Easter, I decided I wanted to do something different for our family dinner. The question was what? While watching Food Network (really are you surprised ) I saw an episode on a recipe for Lasagna. I thought this is perfect .. its something I haven’t made in years and never for my own […]

question of the week – Setting up an ASK campaign ?

This week’s  question comes from James P. from Des Moines, IA . Question : “I attended your recent workshop about Internet Marketing and I loved it. I was really intrigued about the ASK campaign idea you spoke about. Can you give more details?  Thanks- James ” Answer: Thanks so much for your question, James!  You […]