Road Trip, Sponsors, and Social Media Junkies!

Have I been hiding under a rock? well not really… just have been really busy with clients, getting in the back to school swing of things and trying to focus on the upcoming move. But I really want to share my big announcement with all of you… Dan and I are heading down to Georgia. […]

Back to School – 2010 edition

Well its one of my favorite times of the year — one where I get solid blocks of time to get work done with no interruptions! Yes, you guessed it  … it is Back to School Time!They started back last week and they are doing great! It’s hard to believe that I have a 7th […]

My Alive Day


Today is a very special day. It’s not my anniversary or anything but it is a celebration of sorts. It’s my ALIVE day! You see, 18 years ago, I witnessed a horrific trauma and watched Jeff, one of my best friends and fiance’,  die at the hands of violence.  I have never actually wrote about […]