16 years


Last week, my husband and I recently celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. 16 years married… hard to believe. Some days it seems like it hasn’t been 6 years and other days it feels that he’s been a part of my life forever. (that’s a good thing y’all)

We’ve been through many serious ups and downs , especially early in our marriage. We’ve successfully managed to get through all of that with our relationship and most importantly – our love for one another.

Fortunately, my first marriage was an eye-opening experience. (Although, I didn’t see it at the time – but that is another blog post) That experience taught me a lot about finding the right person for me and the kind of relationship I wanted, the kind of marriage I wanted.

Marriage is hard work and nothing is perfect. (how boring would that be?!) I love our relationship and marriage and I wouldn’t change anything for a single moment.

Dan and I were  a no-kid couple for a short time so we didn’t have a lot of “couple time” like many others. We had 2 daughters by our 4th wedding anniversary. We were focused on being parents first, our relationship second.

When my husband was deployed in 2009-2010, I learned a lot about myself , my marriage and our life together. Could I survive without my husband there everyday? Yes. I could. I didn’t necessarily need him there everyday in order to live. I could survive as a woman and mother on my own.

However, I learned that I wanted him there. I wanted to share the rest of our lives together, side by side. I wanted us to grow old(er) together.

Now that we are both in our 40’s and seeing our children grow up into happy and healthy young adults, our life just keeps getting better as we continually work toward being a couple first, parents second.

I love our life together and can’t wait to see where the next part of married life takes us.

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      Dan says

      Well put! I agree totally. Relationships evolve. If ours hadn’t and continue to revolve we wouldn’t be married but we both felt a strong enough pull to keep working on our relationship.

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